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Buy Polo Sport Perfume for Men Online in Australia

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Casual, crisp and cool, Polo Sport Eau De Parfum by Ralph Lauren is one of the top-selling perfumes in Australia. Buy Polo Sport Perfume at the best price at Smart Collection, Australia’s premier destination for discount perfumes.

This Smart Collection perfume has been formulated in France and smells just like the original so you can enjoy the best perfume at the lowest prices.

Enjoy the cool and fresh notes of aromatic green accords with the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport. Launched in 1994, this stunning fragrance boasts notes of mint and Artemisia mixed with mandarin orange and lavender for a mesmerizing aroma that’s sure to turn heads.

Designed for the active, adventurous man, Polo Sport Cologne will envelop you in a masculine aroma that will keep you fresh and smelling good all day long. Fun and playful, this luxury perfume stands out for its passionate energy and youthful charm.

Ideal for casual or daytime wear, this perfume offers a sporty, lightweight scent that leaves a lasting impression and invigorates the senses. Wear this sporty fragrance and make your presence count. Whether you are cheering from the sidelines or out on the field, this perfume will keep you perfect company.  

The perfume opens with the top notes of soft Artemisia, aldehydes, zesty mandarin, lavender, neroli, fresh mint and bergamot with a touch of lemon. A subtle note of ginger, cyclamen, and seagrass is combined with rose, jasmine, geranium, rose and Brazilian rosewood to mesmerizing effect.

An earthy base note of Guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar blend and Guaiac wood blend to perfection with velvety musk and amber, adding a certain warmth to the fragrance. Ideal for daily wear, the Polo Sport stands for sport and fun, perfectly reflecting the charm and vigour of the modern-day youth.


Polo sport of Smart Collection made for sporting appeal in men with spicy fragrance, fresh and masculine appeal for youth. Most suited for the daytime. In this product perfume is highly concentrated chosen from the best sources around the world, is made in France.

POLO SPORT FOR MEN with the same effect as original with the discounted price offered from Smart Collection made in France (High-Quality Perfume with very similar effect to the original)

It is not connected with any registered brand.

80% VOL.